Office of HR and Academic Planning

The Office of Human Resources and Academic Planning is responsible for the Human Resources, discipline planning, and schools and research institutes construction at Guangzhou International Campus (GZIC), SCUT. The main responsibilities are as follows.

1. Discipline development planning;  

2. Talents introduction; 

十大靠谱网赌app3. Personnel training and career development;

十大靠谱网赌app4. Personnel performance assessment;

5. Salary regulation; 

十大靠谱网赌app6. Position evaluation, promotion and adjustment; 

7. Planning and construction schools and research institutes at GZIC; 

十大靠谱网赌app8. Budget management and performance assessment for schools and research institutes at GZIC; 

9. Statistical analysis of disciplines and talents;

10. Extension management of scientific research and achievements transformation;

十大靠谱网赌app11. Other relevant tasks.

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Address: Office of Human Resources and Academic Planning, Guangzhou International Campus, South China University of Technology, Wushan, Guangzhou, P. R. China, 510641

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